Intimately annexed from the restaurant, Bar Bordeaux is the balconied Flatiron District restaurant that overlooks Salon Millesime. With the marble corner bar acting as the focal point and a collection of antique furniture accenting the space, it is the perfect spot for a private function. Silk chairs, leather sofas, a handcrafted marble bar and traces of the past hang in the air like ghosts of Prohibition. It's a nostalgic portal to an era when automobiles had curves, women were dames, men wore hats and a deal was sealed with a handshake. The room, with its vaulted ceiling and wood panels, is a place that encourages you to linger over drinks and trade glances as music wafts throughout our Murray Hill bar. Seven hard shakes with a cocktail shaker and you're transported back to the splendor of Broadway, Tin Pan Alley and luxurious hotel lounges; back to the world of F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby. This space is utilized for private events.

Bar Bordeaux is located on the mezzanine level of the Carlton hotel in Murray Hill.

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Punch Brunch

Enjoy Punch brunch in Millesime Saturday and Sunday's from 11am – 3pm.